• Line Painting | The Basics

  • Line Painting | Pavement Markings | Parking Lot Signs

    Line painting markings are used to provide guidance to drivers and pedestrians. Ensuring that these markings are placed correctly is an important factor in reducing confusion and uncertainty about their meanings.

    A parking lot is the initial place that a customer or visitor sees when they arrive on your property. It is important to maintain a freshly painted and well marked parking lot. As a result, visible and clear parking lot markings will instantly boost your property's appearance and ensure safety of pedestrians and drivers.

  • Line Painting | Paint Colors

    The presentation of the parking lines and graphics has much to do with the color of paints chosen.

    Yellow and white are the traditional colors used for line painting. However, this is mainly a personal preference of the business owner and property manager. Certain stencils, for example handicapped markings, have legal requirements for color, shape and size. Other colors may also be used based on the needs of certain businesses.

    Business owners and property managers who choose white paint for parking stalls may reserve the use of yellow paint for painting of curbing, caution areas, cross-hatching and other areas where parking of prohibited.

  • Line Painting | Costs

    The average cost to paint a parking lot depends on the quantity of pavement markings and whether the parking lot is being re-striped or a new layout is required on freshly paved or sealcoated asphalt.

    Most professional line painting companies have a minimum mobilization charge. The reason for this charge is to cover paint, fuel, labour and overhead costs. In some cases, it may be more beneficial for the business owner or property manager to have an entire parking lot striped rather than a few items at a time.

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